The goal of Country Group Development PCL is simple: to seek out superior opportunities in the real estate market and create value on those opportunities through implementation of our development and investment knowledge.

The execution of this vision is much more complex. Whereas traditional real estate developers try to achieve profitability through volume and the commodification of real estate projects, we believe that superior value creation and return is only possible with an integrated and creative approach. The real value proposition in development comes from a holistic solution that creates properties that are specific to their site and tenant usage, and which therefore offer unique usability and capital value to their residents.

Optimizing return on opportunities requires more than just a vision. It requires active deal flow, opportunistic focus, and strategic partnerships with the right people. Above all, it requires creativity and completeness, and at Country Group Development we approach every project with both in mind.

Across the broad spectrum of different types of property in which we work, Country Group Development PCL recognizes that the value of a property is only fully realized when it can provide a place where human life and human activity is achieved to its fullest. Working closely with our partners in design, architecture, décor, landscaping, and finishing, Country Group Development PCL creates forward-thinking plans that incorporate aesthetic and economic values.

Our assessment of the ideal building for residential, commercial, or mixed-use begins with the question of what the end user values most, and deciphering the best and most innovative way to deliver on the most efficient cost basis. Every development project is a unique challenge with a specific, tailored solution.

Country Group Development PCL prides itself on being both proactive and selective in its acquisitions, seeking properties that are distinctive in their offerings or circumstances. Our team maintains a steady deal flow with a focus on off-market properties where we can negotiate on an exclusive basis in an controlled environment. We stand on our reputation for integrity and fairness, and actively rely on our network of established connections to keep us abreast of the best opportunities.

Country Group Development’s evaluation of properties involves the sophisticated analysis of markets, capital trends, competitors, indicators, and economics. Our synergies with our associated Country Group companies provide us a competitive advantage in maintaining a holistic and comprehensive view when developing a solution for any property. Our aim is always to generate returns that are significantly above the market average, and to achieve excellence rather than volume.

Country Group PCL’s expertise in finance and investing, as well as our development background, allows us to leverage our property development business into opportunistic investment strategies. By understanding the underlying assets in all our investment properties, Country Group Development PCL looks to create value in a holistic way that sees the hidden growth potential as well as the big picture. Our broad and deep knowledge of critical capital market trends, local markets, and insights assure proper management for investment and divestment situations.