February 2020 | Lifestyle

Stunning spiral stairway art installation unveiled at Four Seasons Private Residences

Gao Weigang is a renowned artist from Beijing, who is known for his playful structures and installations that encourage self-reflection. He won the Art HK Art Futures award in 2011. Weigang flew over from China to install this stunning, 4-meter-tall spiral staircase in the lobby of Four Seasons Private Residences. The folding and unfolding structure is made out of stainless steel and titanium, and coated in a gold colour to represent nobility and eternity.

The work is titled ‘Tolerance Defeat Fear’. Through his creation of a staircase that is impossible to walk on and leads to nowhere, the artist plays with ideas of fear, defeat and eternity, encouraging the viewer to examine these notions with a sense of humour and skepticism. The staircase appears perfectly balanced and stable, despite its abstract structure, exploring the tensions between surfaces, open spaces and enclosures.

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