October 2017 | Lifestyle

Coffee Centric

The Tea Room experience returns with the coffee atelier.

Known as one of the world’s most popular beverages, coffee is more than just a refreshment. It is a memory, an anticipation, a moment of modest pleasure. The rituals surrounding coffee is a delicate process, one that is meant to be savoured and appreciated - particularly when enjoying a cup of the world’s finest brew prepared by a master barista.

To showcase fine coffee for residence owners, Country Group Development created a unique coffee-centric experience dubbed, The Coffee Atelier at the Sales Gallery for Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok at Chao Phraya River in November, allowing coffee connoisseurs the opportunity to explore the world of exotic coffee and rare single origin beans with prominent coffee guru, Steven David Lim.

A true global coffee connoisseur with years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, Lim co-owned a lifestyle café in Singapore before embarking on a journey that led him across the world to London, where he studied and trained at Monmouth Coffee Company for seven years. At The Coffee Atelier, Lim hosted an exclusive workshop introducing guests to different preparation methods for three different single origin coffees. Along with learning how to distinguish these exquisite brews like a true professional. Guests enjoyed workshops, talks, guided tastings and a scrumptious selection of pastries and confectionaries for pairing.

The Coffee Atelier follows the initial success of The Tea Room, which was organised last July with prominent Tea Atelier, Bernard Holsinger. Featuring world-famous Ceylon Tea flown in directly from Sri Lanka, the pop-up tearoom allowed tea lovers the exceptional opportunity to taste some of the world’s most rare and revered teas.

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